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I have been a Bankruptcy Trustee in Southern Nevada for nearly 22 years.  During that time I have sold real estate in literally hundreds of bankruptcy cases.  For the past five years I have employed Steve Baird and the Baird Group as Realtor almost exclusively because of their understanding of the local real estate market, their ability to adapt to the very different process of selling real estate through the bankruptcy court and his their success in communicating that process to other realtors and to potential buyers.  I highly recommend The Baird Group to anyone who needs a higher level of service from a real estate company.

Tom Grimmett, Bankruptcy Trustee, Southern Nevada

I recently had the pleasure to work with The Baird Group on the sale of a real property in Las Vegas. This property had been listed for six months with another agent who failed to sale the property because of the lack of understanding on how to market bankruptcy properties. The Baird Group sold this property in two weeks! I highly recommend the Baird Group for their professionalism, knowledge and expertise in bankruptcy sales. 

Richard M. Kipperman, Bankruptcy Trustee, Southern District of California


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