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“I have practiced probate law in Clark County, Nevada, for nearly 30 years.  During this time, I have had many probate estates where the sale of real property is involved  During the last several years it has been my pleasure to work with Steve Baird and The Baird Group on several of these property sales.  Their professionalism, awareness of pertinent issues, and willingness to spend the time and take the necessary steps to make sure each escrow we were working on was handled properly, has greatly enhanced my ability to complete the legal requirements involved in each transaction.  I highly recommend The Baird Group as a real estate company who will be of great assistance and provide expertise in probate real estate sale transactions.”

Whitney B. Warnick, Esq.  Albright, Stoddard, Warnick and Albright

I would recommend The Baird Group for any real estate transaction.  I have used their expertise in the probate trust administration context and have found they are very familiar with the details and complications involved in selling estate property and the probate process.  The Baird Group has developed innovative solutions to selling homes regardless of the market condition and they are committed to every sale regardless of the size or condition of the property. 

Jeffrey Burr, Esq. Jeffery Burr, LTD


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